Field trips are among the best highlights in any child’s elementary school years. Unfortunately, it’s one of the many sacrifices that must be made in response to COVID-19. Or is it? (Virtual Field Trips to the Rescue!)

A virtual field trip may not be the same as visiting those glorious places in real life, but they still offer kids fantastic opportunities to learn. Moreover, the ability to keep things fresh in the classroom is immensely rewarding at this time. Let’s face it, as an educator, you need the best virtual content available.

So, what are the best virtual trips for your students (or child) to embrace? Let’s find out.

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tour

Yellowstone National Park was the first of its kind and is now open to virtual visitors. Students can check out a range of attractions, such as the Walk to Canary Spring, Dragon Mouth’s Spring, or Upper Falls. The Lookout Point is another popular virtual stop off.

The children can additionally follow a live stream of the Old Faithful Geyser. Here, they post predictions of the next eruption of water and steam will surface.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park on Tripology

Take a Field Trip to The Great Wall Of China!

The beauty of virtual field trips are that you can take students to any part of the world. Forget about dealing with unexpected costs or organizational challenges. Take a trip to Asia and visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Great Wall of China.

With three unique virtual tours available, teachers can find something for all age groups. The field trip can be combined with a celebration of the country’s history and culture for even greater engagement.

Video by Mr. DeMaio – who offers a new, fun, and hilarious way to learn

M&Ms Factory Virtual Tour (Sweet!)

The little candies are a firm favorite with kids (and big kids). You can learn about Red, Blue, and the gang with the Food Network’s exclusive behind-the-scenes virtual tour. The series of videos takes you through every aspect of the M&Ms world in a way that is easy and entertaining for kids.

Kids can be treated with a handful of the candies (not too many) while various worksheets and activities relating to M&Ms are available from multiple sources.

Unleash Your Inner Animal at the San Diego Zoo

Under normal circumstances, field trips to the local zoo are a mainstay for elementary schools. Given the current situation, you may as well make the virtual visit to one of the more prestigious locations. They don’t come much better than San Diego Zoo, and their virtual tours are brilliant.

Kids can see all of the animals while interactive elements allow them to learn more about them than if they were to visit. Better still, there’s not an overpriced magnet in sight.

San Diego Zoo entrance
San Diego Zoo on Tripology

Virtual Tour of London

London is a fascinating city, and your students can see it in its full glory courtesy of the 360° London tour. Trafalgar Square, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, and the Royal Albert Hall are just some of the highlights.

The adventures start from the London Eye Ferris wheel, giving a stunning panoramic view of the city. Kids can draw Union Jacks and learn about the city’s rich history in style.

NAT GEO Kids – London

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Situated at 1000 5th Avenue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one the most educational sites in the whole of NYC and was the fourth most visited museum in the world in 2019. Its virtual tours, spearheaded by the MetKids section, is the ultimate setting for kids to feel inspired.

After finding a particularly intriguing collection, classes can enjoy a combination of creative practical activities and theoretical research studies.

The White House

Virtual tours have the power to deliver experiences that would not be possible in the real world. Visiting the White House is a dream shared by all. Now is the perfect opportunity to embrace it thanks to a tour narrated by the former president Barack Obama.

The 360° views include a range of interactive sectors where students can gain the type of insight that makes American history and culture come to life.

Go to Space with NASA

Virtual field trips can be out of this world. Quite literally. NASA’s virtual tours extend to the International Space Station while there are videos and tours of the moon and Mars. The real images allow kids to actually see the surface in all its glory.

Learning about space is a popular field trip idea, so you probably have plenty of tricks and assignments up your sleeve to make it work. To infinity and beyond!


Easter Island

The sculptures at Easter Island are perhaps the most recognizable on the planet. Learning about the Polynesian landmarks no longer has to be limited to textbooks. They can come to life through virtual tours courtesy of Nova Online, which combines history with mystery in style.

Kids can subsequently write stories and create artistic pieces in relation to what they have learnt from the virtual field day. It is a truly fascinating option.

The Smithsonian Museum

source: How To Virtually Explore The Smithsonian From Your Living Room

Washington DC’s most intriguing museum takes students on an adventure of the Natural World. Through a range of virtual exhibits, students can explore through teacher-led actions or by autonomous navigations.

In truth, educators of younger children are likely to choose the former while older classes will be open to the user-led solutions.

James Dean Presents Pete The Cat

To end on a fun note, a field trip doesn’t have to be related to learning about history or landmarks. James Dean’s daily Instagram Live readings of his Pete The Cat books are an ideal digital field trip experience for young kids. Not least because the midday time slot is highly convenient.

Aside from being ideal for kindergarten teachers, parents of preschoolers can embrace as a one-off or regular occurrence. It can be followed by storytelling and a range of other activities.

COVID-19 has caused disruption but it shouldn’t stand in the way of enjoyable learning. Thanks to the above virtual field trip ideas, it no longer will.

Interested in more field trip destinations? If so, discover your next adventure at Tripology.

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