A key type of field trip to consider this year is a parent-led field trip. But what exactly is a parent-led field trip, and why is it so important to look at them?

One of the most important things for children to experience in their education is field trips. Going on a field trip can have a wealth of benefits- ranging from inspiring and motivating children to study further, to contextualizing information and helping academic performance.

Put simply, parent-led field trips involve parents stepping up and getting involved in their child’s education. This can involve parents arranging their own field trips outside of regular school hours, or taking a leading role in school field trips and helping to support their children directly.

In this blog post, we’re going to be taking a look at parent-led field trips in more depth. We’ll be going over why they’re modern classroom essentials, and why you should consider this style of trip for your child this year.

Provides Parents With the Chance to Take a Leading Role

To start off with, parent-led field trips can remove a lot of the worries that a parent might have. It puts them back in control of what their child is experiencing. Getting involved can seem intimidating, but it’s essential if you want to effectively understand their learning process and style.

Strengthens the Bond Between Parent and Child

Another reason why parent-led field trips are important is that they can help improve the relationship between parent and child. Shared field trip experiences can provide common ground and fond memories, and help you to understand what they enjoy further.

Moreover, being present for the field trip will help you to understand your child’s classwork and homework more. This means that you can better help them with their work, and lend a hand when struggling with a particular topic. Not knowing exactly what your child is studying can be stressful, and parent-led field trips can help eliminate this.

Helps to Keep Children Calm and Happy

This point is particularly applicable if your children suffer from anxiety or stress when they’re in new situations. This is also very applicable for younger children and/or children who might suffer from separation anxiety.

Parent-led field trips ensure that children always have a friendly face present when they’re exploring new places. It’s reassuring for both parent and child, and can help to remove a lot of uncertainties.

Of course, parent-led field trips work exceptionally well to help build a child’s confidence for regular class trips, too. If you have younger children and want to make exploring new places with their classmates seem more enjoyable, setting up some field trips for them beforehand could help to make the experience a lot smoother overall.

Removes Standard Field Trip Distractions

Field trips can bring a lot of distractions for children, reducing the success of the trip overall. Spending a day with friends in a new environment is understandably distracting for children when they’re trying to learn.

Being with your child in these new and exciting yet overwhelming situations can help you to make sure that your child gets the most out of their learning experiences. You can guide their learning, first hand, and make sure that they have a fun day without getting overwhelmed or too distracted to finish their work.

Increases the Variety of School Trip Locations to Choose From

Schools are often limited in school trip options they can select, and parent-led field trips can help overcome these issues. Taking just your own child on a trip opens up locations that are, perhaps, too far away, too complex or too expensive for schools to get involved with.

This doesn’t mean that the trip necessarily has to be unrelated to their learning, of course. For example, suppose your child’s school can take them to the local art gallery for their art class. You could take this one step further by taking them to a private gallery, or visiting a gallery in another city.

Encourages Children to Develop Study Skills in Their Own Time

Many children don’t find the idea of working or learning in their own time appealing, which is understandable. Showing your children that they can learn in a new and exciting way in their free time can be a great way to promote a higher interest in learning and to cultivate healthy studying habits over time, too.

Can Help to Change Up Standard Routines

Getting stuck in the same old routine is boring for anyone, and that includes children. Children grow frustrated when asked to do the same thing over and over again, and parent-led trips are the perfect tool to overcome this.

Switching things up when it comes to studying is brilliant for a lot of reasons. It can help improve content retention, encourage students to stay motivated, and help bring forward genuine interest in the subjects. Try changing your study locations and trip destinations every few weeks if possible, to keep things interesting.

Gives Children Useful Material to Work With in School

Taking your child on a well-planned, unique school trip can make all the difference. Look to support them with specific projects or lessons at school. Art prints, museum brochures, books and photos can help to bring a project to life. This can make a student’s work much more effective in the classroom as a whole.

Helps to Support Home-Schooling Programs

Home-schooling families will already be aware of how effective field trips can be, but it’s worth reiterating this anyway. If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know how much value we place on homeschool field trips. They can be fantastic for supporting and inspiring students outside of the mainstream education system.

Get your students out of the house and engaged with projects to help them reach their full potential. Homeschool education provides opportunities for students to learn about their passions and interests on a deeper level, and parent-led field trips are one of the best tools to help make this happen.

Can Encourage New Hobbies and Projects for Children

Taking your child on unique and fun field trips is a great way to help them find out more about what they’re personally interested in. Many children will dismiss a subject if it’s related to school superficially, but they may secretly be interested in learning more about it. Field trips are a creative way of finding out more about what they find inspiring or fun.

The benefit of hunting for hobbies with parent-led field trips is that you can directly follow up on what your child is interested in. Suppose that you visit a botanical garden and your child discovers that they love drawing plants- you can follow up with a trip to a nature exhibit at a gallery, or by buying botanical books for them to look at.

Removes Health and Safety Fears for Parents

Finally, many parents can find the idea of field trips worrisome from a health and safety point of view. This is especially true for parents of younger children who may be struggling with being away from their little ones. Parent-led field trips are a way to help get over this initial anxiety.

As we noted with the section on removing anxiety and stress for children on school trips, anxious parents can use parent-led field trips to help themselves feel more at ease with the idea of letting their children go on class field trips without them in the future. It’s a positive and comforting path to take with your child’s education.

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All in all, parent-led field trips are absolutely superb when it comes to supporting and motivating children with their education. Whether you’re looking at art gallery trips, botanical garden explorations or something else entirely, we’re sure that you will find immense value when putting together parent-led field trips this year.

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